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  Scheduling for Platforms

Automation of operations and cash flows in heterogeneous enterprise environments, data center needs a planning solution that employment can span multiple operating systems. Tidal Enterprise Scheduler enables you to integrate, automate and manage all your applications across different platforms operating system from a single console. With this robust solution, you can easily create, manage and monitor application jobs and job dependencies between all the environments of your operating system, while at the same time, bringing wealth without in previous automation functionality to your applications, regardless of the platform they run.


  Key features and benefits:

Allows creation of multiple conditional dependencies on employment across platforms, and makes the log available job orders for other employment
Real-time status of jobs and employment across platforms dependencies
Provides a graphic illustration of the flow of jobs across platforms
Offer an option of fault-tolerant feature, so critical processes are not disrupted
Save time and money by eliminating the need to write scripts to create job dependencies
Reduces the time and form ation costs by providing a single solution for all your needs