UniSpool is the most powerfull output and print management solution with functions that go far beyond the standard solutions provided by your own operating systems. Organizations will gain enormous benefits from implementing one of the solutions in their ICT network. It provides value in two different ways. It provides cost reductions within the ICT organizations and improves document processing of the day to day business.


Reduce costs in operations
Statistics show that, in general, a high percentage of ICT spending is put into operating and maintaining an output and printing infrastructure. In many cases a lot of the costs are invisible, as they are being made in the ICT and the end-user environment and therefore don’t appear on the ICT and/or business management budget.

What is apparent are the immediate costs involved in deployment of the infrastructure, the day-to-day ICT operation and maintenance (staffing and incident management and resolution, for example). Less visible are the costs of missing documents, failures in delivery, delays and the fact that about 50% of the helpdesk calls are related to output and print problems.

For many corporations, UniSpool has become a key factor in reducing and controlling costs by:

  • Improving business efficiency
  • Improving reliability of document delivery
  • Increasing ease of deployment
  • Reducing maintenance